Image Credits

We collect images for our website by following these ways:

1. Amazon.com & Partners

We use site stripe to retrieve images from Amazon.com and their partners from amazon.com website by following Amazon’s terms of conditions.

2. Google Free Images Even Commercially

We use images from Google.com by using its filter of Free Images even Commercially term from the Advance Image Search. We are not the owner of those images. But if you claim, we must remove it from our site immediately.

3. Pexels.com

We use images from Pexels.com as they provides images free of credits for personal and commercial uses.

4. Pixabay.com

Pixabay.com is an another website who provides license free images. So we use their images too.

5. Others

We didn’t use any other image from other any source. But if you get/see anything that is violated copyright, please inform us. We will remove that image immediately.

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